My Event Horizon"We Trade Wisdom For Youth" (Detail 1)

by D.Sarram 2011

We trade wisdom for youth.
That’s what I’ve heard.
At my event horizon.
(Seems so absurd.)

Unbridled, naïve.
Transparency of youth.
A life so authentic.
Tiny fibs speak of truth.

Embark on your road
where secrets unfold
Future destination-
neither bought, nor sold.

Climb up a rope ladder
That leads to blue skies
Look down on the clouds
No fears; just “whys?”

Can you recall the day
You lost sense of wonder?
Each beat of your heart
Lifts the spell you were under

The reality created
will cease to exist.
Birds can’t fly this high
I heard you insist.

Not overnight,
but many a year
Little bits of your spirit
Whittled down by your fear.

Could we be just like children?
See the world through new eyes?
Curiosity, inventions
A million first tries.

Dreams without actions
Tend to stay dreams
Hitch a ride on a jet stream
Sips of air in between.

Waste not one more day!
My wisdom proclaims
It’s all relative.
No time to explain.

We trade wisdom for youth.
That’s the good word.
At my event horizon.
Free as a bird.