Un:Earthed Metal

The pieces in this collection are made from found metal objects- mostly household items such as thimbles, buckles, hinges and other random things once useful, then cast away and forgotten- until now.  Someone in Great Britain unearthed these wonderful treasures with a metal detector and deemed them junk. They were purchased off of Ebay several years ago by a client of mine that just knew that I would find something to make from them. They were covered in dried dirt when I received them and honestly took lots of contemplation before I was able to turn them into the creations you see here. I still have a box full of the metal, so I wouldn’t be surprised if I added more designs to this collection. Please click the images for a closer look.


  • Random Neckpiece/ Thimble Bracelet
  • Time:Less Bracelet with Display Stand
  • Time:Less (Detail 4)
  • Time:Less (Detail 3)
  • Thimble Bracelet
  • Belt Buckle Necklace
  • Meta Cuff Bracelet
  • Heavy Earrings
  • Random Neckpiece
  • Half Moon Earrings
  • Rectangle Earrings
  • Two People Necklace
  • Born with a Silver Spoon
  • Lead Ball Necklace
  • Hinge Earrings